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Colonoscopy Quality

Colonoscopy Quality Assessment

Dr. Renny is an expert in colonoscopy and colorectal cancer screening. He has performed thousands of colonoscopies and is dedicated to maintaining a high level of quality in performing the procedure.

The effectiveness of colonoscopy in successfully detecting polyps and cancer depends on a number of factors, including the technical expertise and experience of the doctor performing the procedure.  An adequate amount of time and careful attention to detail can help to reduce the risk that an abnormality will be missed. A number of quality indicators have been suggested to measure competency in performing colonoscopy. Dr. Renny is dedicated to meeting nationally recognized standards and to performing thorough, safe and comprehensive examinations. * 

In 2009 our office reviewed 320 consecutive colonoscopies to evaluate Dr. Renny’s performance as compared to published national quality indicators.
Dr. Renny was found to exceed recommended national quality indicators, which resulted in the successful removal of a higher percentage of precancerous growths from his patients. Here are the results from this review:  



* Colonoscopy is generally a safe examination when performed by doctors who have been specially trained and are experienced in these procedures. Complications may occur in a small percentage of cases including the possibility of bleeding or perforation of the colon. Despite careful examinations there is a risk that a polyp or cancer may be missed during the examination.
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Colonoscopy Quality
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